Visions and Values

These values form the backbone for all that we do and how we work with and support one another as children, adults and families.

Our core purpose is to enable children to reach their full potential and have the necessary skills to live as constructive and successful global citizens.

We do this by:

  • Developing a love of learning; providing a high-quality, broad and relevant curriculum where every child can achieve their very best

  • Celebrating and respecting the individuality of each and every child

  • Working in strong partnership with families and the wider community

  • Ensuring our school is a safe, secure place where caring and respectful relationships are at the heart of what we do

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In 2022, our Expectations of Behaviour were reviewed and developed by the children.

  • We are kind, respectful and care for everyone around us.

  • We tell the truth; people can trust us.

  • We try to be the best we can, in all that we do.

  • We look after our school and our community.

  • We think about our choices; they affect everyone around us.

  • We are always ready to share a smile.

Our Expectations for Behaviour