Our Curriculum

"Education is a once in a lifetime opportunity to open children's hearts and minds to the unbelievable wonder of the universe." 

Sir Anthony Seldon

For a curriculum to enable children to thrive and succeed, the context, experiences and qualities of the wider community must be considered at its core. We pride ourselves as a school on the diverse, multicultural community we are part of. 

At Chandos we teach a curriculum unique to the needs of our children, inline with the National Curriculum requirements (2014).  This provides the children the opportunity to explore their learning in an active and engaging manner, enhancing opportunities for the development of language and communication. Children are encouraged to learn as critical thinkers, challenge ideas and communicate their opinions and feelings.  Every child's opinion is valued.

Curriculum Intent

At Chandos, we

Curriculum Implementation

The curriculum at Chandos is organised by year group. 

Each year group has its own overview and six medium term plans for each half termly Topic of Enquiry. These topics incorporate a variety of foundation subjects with one area being the main focus. The lessons are taught using the 'Learning Challenge' model. Every topic begins with a big question, which the children work to find the answer to over the course of the half term, investigating and exploring suplimentary questions, building on previous learning and new knowledge.  

All Reading and Writing units of work are linked to the topics. Every half termly topic has a list of books which are used for Reading sessions and to inspire Writing. 

Mathematics, Religious Education, Physical Education, Foreign Languages, Design Technolog and PSHE are taught discreetly.

Curriculum Impact

The curriculum that we have designed will enable our children to progress successfully thorugh their Primary learning journey, to achieve the expected national standards and be 'secondary ready' by the end of Year 6. Our children will have the knowledge and skills that they need to move onto the next stage of their education. 

A Chandos Child is expected to have a love of learning; be a capable thinker who is confident to challenge; be able to express and discuss their beliefs and learning; and be respectful citizens of the world.  

We can provide our children with the opportuities to achieve at their very best, with a clear understanding of their responsibilities as citizens of Birmingham, the United Kingdon and the wider world.

For more information... 

Miss Cockell is our Curriculum Design Lead. 

Please feel free to speak to her with any questions that you have.