Foundations for Phonics

-Listen carefully to sounds and describe them-Recognise and make rhymes -Identify syllables within words-Understand alliteration-Orally blend and segment -Join in and recite nursery rhymes  -Our environment is set up 
  • Our inside and outside environment is designed to make children confident communicators. This includes rapidly learning new vocabulary and appropriate grammatical structures. Children will also learn how to take turns in a conversation. 
  • In Nursery we strive to foster a love of books and reading with all children.
  • Below are some resources that parents can use at home to support their children to be ready to start formal phonics sessions when they start Reception

Parent Workshops

Foundations in Phonics

Foundations in Phonics 


Foundations for a love of reading

Foundations for a Love of Reading


Foundations for language

Foundations for Language



Getting Ready for Reception

LW_Foundations_Getting-Started_Foundations-for-a-Love-of-Reading-guidance-Parent-Handout_PD-finallayout-130723 (1).pdf

Sharing Books in Nursery


Developing Language through talk 

Nursery Rhymes to enjoy at home...