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Chandos Primary School

Chandos Primary School

Speech and Language Therapy - Soundswell Ltd

Soundswell (Speech & Language Therapy Solutions) Ltd works with a select number of schools.  Geography doesn’t matter to us but ethos, drive & a real interest in communication difficulties do!

Why did we choose to work with Chandos?  Because this is a school facing significant challenges and the staff step up.  The senior team are open and transparent, nothing is hidden or glossed over. 

Some children attend the school because they live around the corner: others may have arrived last week from troubled parts of the world.  Each group has very different needs.  All are welcomed and catering for their individual needs begins on day one.

Soundswell is committed to supporting staff to recognise speech, language & communication difficulties and the impact they have on teaching and learning and future life-chances. 

At Chandos we feel part of the team.  People do their very best to work with us, adapt their practice and take on board new ideas.  To do this properly and get results is not an easy thing to do!  It takes time.

The school collects data which tracks the progress of all pupils, including those who have benefited from SLT intervention.  Staff are trained in using the Wellcom assessment tools.

This partnership is one we value very much.  Together we are on a journey.