Physical Education

‘Intelligence & skill can only function at the peak of their capacity when the body is healthy and strong.’ 

John F. Kennedy

At Chandos, we aim to provide every child with the opportunity to access a high-quality physical education curriculum, which inspires them to succeed and excel in a range of competitive sports and other physical and mentally demanding activities. In order to do this, we provide children with the chance to compete in a variety of sports to build good character and help embed the core values of the school such as compassion, determination and aspiration.


Every child, regardless of gender, race or ability, will have equal access to the PE, School Sports and Physical Activity (PESSPA) Curriculum. We aim to provide this for all children so that they can achieve their best according to their individual needs, whether they need additional support or more challenge.


Curriculum Intent

At Chandos, we

Curriculum Implementation

At Chandos, the implementation of the Physical Education curriculum is achieved by providing every child with the opportunity to develop their competence in a broad range of physical activities for at least two hours a week. 

We want our children to achieve the key aims set out in the National Curriculum of:

In order to achieve this, all pupils - from Reception to Year 6 - take part in PE lessons every week, taught by a either a specialist PE Teacher or their own class teacher. During these lessons, children are active for as much time as possible whilst also developing the key skills needed in order to successful compete in the sport they are being taught. We are always keen to have visiting sportsmen and women visit our school and deliver sessions to the children. At the moment, Chandos are working with Aston Villa Football Club and Warikshire County Cricket Club to do this. 

The children are also provided the opportunity to learn how to swim during Year 3, whereby the aim is for each child to leave KS2 being able to swim competently and confidently over a distance of at least 25 metres.

In addition, there are sufficient opportunities provided for children to take part in a range of extra-curricular activities over the course of the academic year. These can range from break-time, lunch-time or after-school clubs. 

Throughout the academic year, all children - regardless of ability or need - have the opportunity to take part in competitions at both an intra- and inter-school level.  

Early Years

The Early Years Curriculum ensures that PE is taught through ‘Physical Development’.  

Throughout their time in Early Years,  children are given the opportunity to develop and improve:

This is achieved by teaching children how to safely and correctly climb, jump, run, throw and catch. 

KS1 and KS2 Yearly Overviews

Every year group has specific sports with skills that are required to be taught. 

PE Overview

Specific Sports

PE Skills Development (Whole School).pdf

Skill Progression

PE Skills To Be Developed

All children at Chandos will be taught the PE skills outlined in the National Curriculum. We aim to develop children's physical skill-set in a range of situations. 

The main skills that will be developed fall into four categories:  

Children will develop the essential key skills needed in order to participate in a variety of sports, learning how to use multiple skills simultaneously.

Children work as part of a team and develop leadership responsibilites, where they are able to make decisions and explain tactics to their team.

Children will develop the skills required in order to be a good sport, understanding that winning isn't always the end goal.

Children will learn the rules of a variety of sports and be able to work out how to overcome adversaries to win, thinking outside of the box when neccessary.

Curriculum Impact

At Chandos, we aim to instil a love of sport and competetion through our broad and exciting PE curriculum. We encourage children to express and challenge themselves physically and to work together as part of a team to succeed. Our children enjoy being active and understand what it is to lead an active and healthy lifestyle. 

At the end of their primary education, children will have had the chance to develop their basic physical skills and apply them to a number of different sports both in and out of school. Children will be able to demonstrate these skills and discuss the rules of the games they have been taught. 

By talking to children and our Sports Ambassadors, it will be evident that this is the case. 

For more information... 

Mr Pietrzak and Mr Akram are our PE Leads.

Please feel free to speak to them with any questions that you may have.