Philosophy 4 Children

'Wonder is the beginning of wisdom.'


Philosophy calls on imagination and reasoning. It allows children to explore values, assumptions and vital concepts such as justice, truth and beauty in an environment where adults and children can search for meaning together. Children learn to become reasonable where they can offer their own reasons and learn to become open to the reasons of other in a safe and trusting environment.

It is so important for adults and children to talk together in situations where differences can be welcomed and explored. It’s now recognised in research that children are influenced by their peers to a far greater extent than we had previously thought. Not surprisingly, young people talk to each other and that talk means something to them; it’s important and memorable. Adults can make classroom talk memorable too, through philosophy.

Philosophy 4 Children promotes a forum for open dialogue in which participants ask questions, sift arguments and explore alternatives. Above all, they try to understand each other.

There is opportunity for philosophical thinking, in any subject in the curriculum through the use of texts, images or videos. Therefore we use the P4C strategies of questionning and debate in every area of curriculum teaching. Every week, children will be exposed to some form of philosophical thinking, whether that is in the form of a debate or by asking and deeping their questioning skills.

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Mrs Howarth is our P4C Lead.

Please feel free to speak to her with any questions that you may have.