Early Reading

Phonics and Early Reading at Chandos

The phonics and reading scheme that we use at Chandos is Little Wandle Letters and Sounds Revised. We use this mostly in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2. Elements of the program may be used in Years 3 to 6.

How does Little Wandle work at Chandos and at home?

  • Daily phonics sessions as a whole class

  • Children will also have daily or weekly keep up sessions as required

  • 3 small group reading sessions weekly. Each day will focus on a different reading skill.

Day 1- Decoding

This gives the children the opportunity to practice reading all the sounds and words the book uses.

Day 2- Prosody

Prosody is the expression we use when reading which makes it sound more interesting.

Day 3- Comprehension

During comprehension reading sessions, children learn to understand what they are reading and practice answering questions about it.

  • Parent's will have online access to your child's reading book through Collin's ebooks.

  • Children will also bring a book they have chosen from their class library. They are not expected to be able to read this book, it is for them to enjoy with an adult at home.

  • The words from your child's reading book will also be sent home weekly so you can practice reading them

  • Each child has a home reading diary so parents can record when they have read their child's library book or ebook at home. Parent's can write a comment in the diary about the book or even draw a smiley face as a record of this. Teacher's will respond weekly with a stamp or sticker.

Here is how we say the sounds taught in Reception

Phase 2 sounds taught in Reception Autumn 1

Phase 2 sounds taught in Reception Autumn 2

Phase 3 sounds taught in Reception Spring 1

Here is how we say the sounds taught in Year 1

Phase 5 sounds taught in Year 1

Learning tricky words

Tricky words are high frequency words which means they appear commonly in books. Little Wandle has a special code to be able to read these words but they are known as 'tricky' because children may not have been taught all the sounds they need yet in order to red these common words. Below is a video explaining how we teach children how to read these tricky words as well as the the words taught in Reception and Year 1.


Support for tricky words Reception Autumn term


Support for tricky words Reception Spring term

Tricky-words-for-parents-Phase-4 (1).pdf

Support for tricky words Reception Summer term


Support for tricky words for Year 1

Accessing the ebooks

Click on the link to access your child's ebook.

If you are having problems logging on please speak to your child's class teacher. Alternatively you can contact Miss Devlin via the school office.

A new book will be added weekly.

Phonics and Early Reading Policy Nov 2022.pdf

Phonics and Early Reading Policy

Adopted November 2022